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Every year, A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd has demonstrated its support for the community by providing numerous annual donations in forms of monetary assistance, product donations (bed nets, mineral water), food, water, clothing and other supplies to various community businesses and sectors. A few of the organizations which have benefitted from such contributions can be found below:

Arusha Temple Shiv Kathol
Jain Temple- Every year A to Z donates supplies for painting, repairs as well as supplies tables, chairs, tables, bowls and glasses
Moshi Temple for the 50 year Celebration
Swani Naroyan Temple


Bena and Shila Orphanage
Esso Orphanage
Garamtoni Orphanage
Huruma Children’s Home
Karim Children Care Center
Makumira Orphanage
Olasiti Orphanage
Orphans Foundation Fund
Orphans Trust Center

Mt. Meru hospital in which donations were given to support abandoned children
Holiday Celebrations:
Braahm Samaj
Hindu Uman Navnatini Festival
May Day 2005-2010
Road Safety Week 2010

Cricket team
First Annual Malaria Haikubaliki Cup 2010
Marathon Run 2008/2009
Kilimanjaro Association of the Spinally Injured in Tanzania
Medical Sport Staff
Mkuyuni Girls Hostel
Staff Family Welfare 
Vice President office- bed net donation 2009


Each day A to Z Textile Mills Ltd provides 50,000 liters of water to Mateves village, a community located near to the factory in Kisongo. A daily water source has been made available to community members and Mateves Primary school, which houses over 500 students.


As part of our community involvement, A to Z Textile Mills Ltd supports local livestock owners and assists with the perpetuation and assurance of livelihood for both livestock owners and their animals.  Once a year, A to Z Textile Mills Ltd funds a project to provide food for over 1,200 cows over a period of 8 days.

Since 2006, the company has provided a local water source for cows during arid seasons in Tanzania. This project assists local farmers during the most pressing and difficult times of the year. Each year, approximately 500-600 cows are brought to the factory site in Kisongo to receive water.

The company also funds annual inoculations for cows in the surrounding area of Kisongo in an effort to assist farmers to prevent livestock from acquiring fatal diseases. Such vaccinations are given for East Coast Fever, which protects a cow for life, and Black Anthrax, which protects a cow for a period of 1 year. In 2010, over 1,200 cows received inoculations free of charge.