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Starting in the late 1990s, A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd began investing in the equipment and infrastructure necessary to transport its own raw materials from the port to the factory and its finished products to its customers. Initial investment was made in a handful of trucks in order to streamline the delivery of goods and products. As the company expanded its product base and production capacity, further investment and expansion of logistic capabilities was required. Today, the company owns a fleet of over 200 trucks, including various size Tata trucks, Semi-trailers and Tipper Trucks ranging in capacity from 3 ton to 30 tons.

A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd currently transports its own manufactured products throughout Tanzania and to other countries.

Delivering our quality products, on time, and having the facilities to serve thousands of customers in widespread locations is a focal point for our coordination team and experienced drivers.

Tanzania covers a total area of over 945,000 square kilometers, consisting of 26 regions, further broken down into concentrated districts, wards and villages. We have made it our goal, and successfully achieved the ability to deliver our products to some of the most difficult areas to reach, including those villages where no roads exist for our trucks to pass.

A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd has established one of the most advanced and successful distribution methods, delivering products to 21 regions, 130 districts, 2,627 wards and 13,000 villages in Tanzania.