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Sourcing: In order to establish production plans for the manufacturing of our products with the lowest time-to-market possible, our raw material sourcing is done 4 months in advance for all imported material, ranging from Sumitomo Chemicals for the raw material for our LLINS, to glass flasks and HDPE required for our thermoses and various plastic wares. Our imports team is highly experienced in clearing and forwarding and with our 60 ton crane, we have the ability to rapidly move our raw materials into our TRA bonded warehouse, located in Kisongo, Arusha.

Employee Training and Development: Once an individual is recruited and becomes an employee for A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd and it group of companies, resources are provided for necessary on-the-job training and development. Classrooms have been built for employee training purposes, and classes offer training in areas such as job development and capacity, life skills and personal development.

Production: Operating from 2 different locations with over 7,000 employees requires detailed production planning. Enforcing quality management systems, organization, planning, targets and continuous analysis and improvement of our Quality Control processes have enabled us to achieve ISO certification in October of 2010. We will continue to maintain our high standards and production of high quality products. We will strive to seek new avenues of approach for continuous improvement of our productivity through product innovation and research while maintaining our quality standards and environmentally friendly approach.

Warehousing: A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd has a unique approach to ensure our high quality products are well-maintained, stored and delivered to customers in the same quality as the first day they were packaged. We are committed to deliver high quality products which means proper storage and safe handling systems are implemented and maintained. Our Mobile Warehouses deliver products to the most remote villages throughout Tanzania and our experienced drivers ensure each item reaches our valued customers on time, regardless of road conditions.

Distribution and Logistics: Over 250 drivers transport our goods from factory door to village door, traversing even where there are no roads, into the most remote villages throughout Tanzania and even cross-country borders into the surrounding countries. Detailed route maps, strategic planning, and effective communication between Field Staff, Office Staff and Regional Sales Representatives ensure our goods are properly stored and delivered in accordance to customer needs. *For more information on our Distribution and Logistics, please see our Distribution and Logistics page.

Customer relationship management: A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd values its loyal customers and recognizes the critical role customers play in the success of the company. Our offer of excellent customer service and our ability to satisfy customer demands turns a one-time sale into a lifelong customer. We exceed customer expectations with timely deliveries, high quality products and our ability to deliver our products to customer's doorsteps despite business locations, near or far.

Expansion: Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are researching, designing and testing a wide variety of new products. Our most recent technological advancements will develop our textiles to surpass any other vector control solutions on the international market to date. Our continued effort to increase production of plastic wares and to update new household items will promote growth of African made, African branded products.